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Delta | Citta di Amalfi Collection
The Amalfi Coast appears akin to a balcony suspended between the cobalt blue sea and the slopes of the Lattari mountains, in a succession of valleys and promontories between coves, beaches and terraces planted with citrus, vines and olive trees. In this extraordinary land, rich in tradition and peculiarities one encounter the charming city of Amalfi: founded in the fourth century BC, an old Maritime Republic, holding for years the monopoly of trade in the Tyrrhenian Sea, exporting Italian products - wood, iron, weapons, wine and fruit, in the eastern markets and in return buying spices, perfumes, pearls, jewelry, textiles and carpets to trade in the West. In Amalfi was born and developed the characteristic Arab-Sicilian architecture of which the Cathedral of St. Andrew is a perfect example, with its Baroque reconstruction of the eighteenth century, the wonderful staircase and the beautiful Cloister of Paradise. Upon arrival in Amalfi, one may be overwhelmed by an intense scent, strong colors, sweet flavors and lapping harmonics, and to incorporate one*s passion for La Citta into a precious writing instrument is no easy task, but the Delta artisans have accomplished the feat, and more, with this stunning collection. The fountain pen is available with either the Delta Fusion 18kt gold nib or a full 14kt gold nib, available in M, F, XF, B and Stub widths. Cartridge/Converter fill with the converter included.

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Wood finish - Fountain Pen (18kt Gold Nib) shown
Citta di Amalfi Collection
Pen Type: Fountain Pen (18kt Gold Nib)
(List: $995.00)  Our Price: $796.00

Nib Size

Wood finish - Fountain Pen (14Kt Gold Nib) shown
Citta di Amalfi Collection
Pen Type: Fountain Pen (14Kt Gold Nib)
(List: $850.00)  Our Price: $680.00

Nib Size

Wood finish - Fountain Pen (Fusion Nib) shown
Citta di Amalfi Collection
Pen Type: Fountain Pen (Fusion Nib)
(List: $650.00)  Our Price: $520.00

Nib Size

Wood finish - Rollerball shown
Citta di Amalfi Collection
Pen Type: Rollerball
(List: $495.00)  Our Price: $396.00
Wood finish - Ball Pen shown
Citta di Amalfi Collection
Pen Type: Ball Pen
(List: $450.00)  Our Price: $360.00

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