Pen Repair Fourth Edition

Jim Marshall and Laurence Oldfield

Pen Repair 4th Edition. By Marshall/Oldfield. Extremely comprehensive, 302 pages (20 more than third edition) with color photos on virtually every page-covers general and advanced procedures for repairing vintage fountain pens (with ballpoint and pencil coverage as well) and various specific fixes with a wealth of information on the penmakers. Additions from last edition include details on trim and clips; new information on Parker 51s, Montblanc Safety pens, and French manufacturers; making your own parts. Handy 7 in. x 9 1/2 in. spiral bound, soft cover.

Our Price  $64.95

The Conklin Legacy

Alfonso Mur

At last, a comprehensive history of one of the major pioneers of the fountain pen industry -the creator of the Crescent Filler, lauded by Mark Twain. With 328 pages, the historical narrative is detailed throughout the book which includes photos of over 1000 vintage Conklin writing instruments, as well as numerous advertisements, patents, ephemera and the like. A MUST for every vintage pen collector. Hard cover, 9 in. x 12 in. Regular: $180.

Our Price  $125.00

Fountain Pens of Japan

Andreas Lambrou & Masamichi Sunami

History of the fountain pen and its industry in Japan from around 1880 to the present. Major and minor manufacturers are covered. Pens, inks, ephemera and equipment used for manufacture in earlier eras are detailed. More than 1,700 images. A large number of prototypes not documented before are included. Materials and techniques to embellish pens, are extensively discussed. Large format, hardbound cloth with dust jacket, 12 x 9 inches , 448 pages. Reg. $350.

Our Price  $169.00

American Cursive Handwriting

Michael & Debra Sull

A comprehensive self-study workbook and curriculum for teacher, student, parent and child. Your handwriting should reflect the best of you and this guide will allow you to do just that. Over 300 pages including practice sheets. 8 x 11, Spiral Bound

Our Price  $43.95

Fountain Pens of the World (Latest Edition)

by Andreas Lambrou

Hardcover; 440 pgs; 9 X 12 . Huge selection of pens reproduced with histories, technology and developments of fountain pens. Reg. $189.

Our Price  $129.00

Parker 51

David and Mark Shepherd

This 170 page hardcover book chronicles the history and development of the 51 from inception. Every type and variation is pictured, including many previously unpublished pens and ephemera, and details of the promotion and marketing of the 51.

Our Price  $79.00

Fountain Pens and Pencils: The Golden Age of Writing Instruments

by Stuart Schneider & George Fischler

Hardcover; 300 pgs.; 9" X 12"; Includes Price Guide. Over 1,000 pens and pencils shown in full color

Our Price  $79.95

Fountain Pens: The Complete Guide to Repair and Restoration

by Frank Dubiel

Comprehensive manual for repairing and restoring vintage fountain pens. Original manufacturer's information and tips on repair. 108 pages. Spiral bound. 8 1/2 in. x 11 in.

Our Price  $30.00

The Book of Fountain Pens and Pencils

by Stuart Schneider & George Fischler

Hardcover; 250 pgs; 9" X 12"; Includes Price Guide. Over 700 life size color illustrations. The companion volume to "Golden Age of Writing Instruments".

Our Price  $79.95

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