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1911 Loch Ness Monster

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The Loch Ness Monster. Do you believe it's real? Allegedly seen by a few but proven by none. People have debated its existence for over 85 years, with everyone wondering what lurks beneath that most famous deep blue loch in Scotland. The new Sailor 1911 Loch Ness Monster Fountain Pen takes its inspiration from this setting. A vision of something unknown, rising from the dark deep blue expanse of the loch. Could it be something mythical or just a piece of a log? Nobody knows, but the intriguing mystery continues.

Sailor's Loch Ness Monster comes with a dark blue barrel, black trim and an ion plated (IP) black nib. Available as a North America Exclusive, some of the highlights of the Sailor 1911 Loch Ness Monster Fountain Pen are: available in 1911 Standard and 1911 Large sizes and offered in all seven standard nib sizes and comes with a 14K (1911S) or 21K (1911L) Gold Nib with Black Ion plating and features Black Ion plated trim.

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