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Zeolites are minerals of volcanic origin that formed millions of years ago from the encounter of glowing lava and seawater. Today this chemical transformation of magma occurs with every eruption. For example, in the Kilawea volcano in Hawaii or in the Italian Stromboli.

Zeolite now enters the pen world with The Alchemist, where tactile feeling and impact resistance are key attributes for a quality pen. The pens are made of a compound of Zeolite and resin, which is molded and sand-blasted, with over 40% pure and low pressure printed Zeolite, giving a velvety surface, a remarkable impact resistance, preserves the anionic and cationic properties of the material, a natural hydrophilia, perfect porosity and excellent grip for the hand.

The fountain pen is enhanced with a stainless steel nib, available in M, F,and XF. Cartridge/converter fill with the converter supplied.

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