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Sailor | Ebonite Sculpture Collection
The striking Ebonite Sculpture Fountain Pen by Sailor was inspired by the quiet of late night and is designed to make your evening journaling routine more elegant and memorable than ever. Each pen in the Ebonite Sculpture Fountain Pen series is designed to reflect a different part of the night. Yogazsumi (Night Haze) has a sandblasted and bead blasted finish for a rough texture that is pleasant to the touch and represents the haze of night fluttering at the foot of a mountain. Yakoh (Night Light) is a diamond-cut sculpture with layers of circles that seem to shift in appearance as the angle and type of light reflect off its surface like glowing diffuse light on a night road. Yokaze (Night Breeze) is engraved with beautiful vertical lines to express the feel of a night wind blowing through empty streets. These pens come with world-renowned, 21-karat gold nibs that provide a consistent, stable supply of ink and a satisfying, comfortable writing experience. Each pen also features additional gold IP features, such as a ring on the cap near the finial with the Sailor logo engraved that will keep these pens from rolling off smooth surfaces. Included with each pen will also be a 20ml bottle of ink from the Ink Studio Series by Sailor. Cartridge/converter fill with the converter included. PENS ALL HAVE CAPS BUT NO CLIPS.

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Yakoh (Night Light)	 finish - Fountain Pen  (21kt Gold Nib) shown
Ebonite Sculpture Collection
Yakoh (Night Light)
Pen Type: Fountain Pen (21kt Gold Nib)
(List: $990.00)  Our Price: $792.00

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