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Caran D'Ache | Ecridor - Variation Glass Blasted Collection
Ecridor Variation, a new tune for the iconic model Ecridor, with its hexagonal silhouette, gives Caran d'Ache craftsmen free rein to display their skills in high-precision engraving. The Ecridor Variation combines an unexpected stylistic theme with a new innovative technique. The motif, engraved on the six faces of the writing instrument, illustrates a lined system showcasing a perfect symmetry. Similar to a coded sound rhythm, it is inspired by rhythmic variations of musical phrases, attesting to the modern spirit of the Ecridor collection. The silver plated body of the Ecridor Variation is coated with palladium and presents a glass blasting finish so as to highlight the new motif guilloche. The result of this technical process intensifies the dynamic contrast of this creation, accentuated by the polished shiny attributes of the writing instruments. The 0.7mm mechanical pencil is also activated by a high-precision mechanism. The fountain pens are enhanced with a steel nib available in M, F and B widths. These full size fountain pens are cartridge/converter fill (converter included).

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Palladium  Plated    finish - Fountain Pen shown
Caran D'Ache
Ecridor - Variation Glass Blasted Collection
Palladium Plated
Pen Type: Fountain Pen
(List: $280.00)  Sale Price: $179.00

Nib Size

Super Special
Palladium  Plated    finish - Rollerball shown
Caran D'Ache
Ecridor - Variation Glass Blasted Collection
Palladium Plated
Pen Type: Rollerball
(List: $245.00)  Sale Price: $169.00
Super Special
Palladium  Plated       finish - Ball Pen shown
Caran D'Ache
Ecridor - Variation Glass Blasted Collection
Palladium Plated
Pen Type: Ball Pen
(List: $150.00)  Sale Price: $99.00
Super Special

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