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Caran D'Ache | Keith Haring Collection
An artistic signature for everyone. Here is the outstanding gift brought to you by Caran d'Ache through its Caran d'Ache + Keith Haring Special Edition. An inter-generational and symbolic collection calling on the emblematic patterns of this vital pop artist to celebrate love and art. The meeting of a committed artistic icon and a creative company focusing on their shared values. From white chalk drawings of the subway to paintings on public walls, Keith Haring expresses a universal language in which forms emphasise the openness of a message.

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Black and White Set finish - Ballpoint Pen and Leather Pen Case shown
Caran D'Ache
Keith Haring Collection
Black and White Set
Pen Type: Ballpoint Pen and Leather Pen Case
(List: $260.00)  Our Price: $208.00
Latest Arrival
Black 849 finish - Ballpoint shown
Caran D'Ache
Keith Haring Collection
Black 849
Pen Type: Ballpoint
(List: $55.00)  Our Price: $44.00
Latest Arrival
White 849 finish - Ballpoint shown
Caran D'Ache
Keith Haring Collection
White 849
Pen Type: Ballpoint
(List: $55.00)  Our Price: $44.00
Latest Arrival

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