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Esterbrook | Estie Aqua Collection
Estie Fountain Pens... Now Available with Custom Nibs!!!! Gena Salorino, of the Custom Nib Studio in Los Angeles, created the first Esterbrook custom ground nib - The Journaler - a smooth and easy to use medium stub grind. Esterbrook now proudly announces the addition of the Scribe nib by Joshua Lax...New Jersey nibmeister, attorney and current president of the Big Apple Pen Club. The Scribe is an architect grind, inspired by Middle Eastern Hebrew and Arabic nibs giving a thicker line width on the horizontal stroke and thinner on the vertical stroke._______________ AQUA ESTIE - The Exciting New Addition to the Estie Family! The arrival of the stunning Aqua Estie, with its lustrous variegated marbled acrylic turquoise tones, is a true sign that Summer has arrived. The natural variation in the material makes each Aqua Estie unique. Available as a Standard and Oversized gold-plated trimmed Fountain Pen, with the Esterbrook smooth gold-plated JOWO #6 nib in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad or 1.1mm Stub nibs, as well as the Journaler and Scribe nibs. Cartridge/converter fill with the converter supplied. An elegant rollerball and twist-activated ballpoint pen complete this new offering.

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Aqua finish - Oversize Fountain Pen shown
Estie Aqua Collection
Pen Type: Oversize Fountain Pen
(List: $250.00)  Our Price: $200.00

Nib Size

Aqua finish - Ball Pen shown
Estie Aqua Collection
Pen Type: Ball Pen
(List: $125.00)  Our Price: $99.00
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