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Visconti | Rembrandt Master of Arts Collection
Rembrandt mastered the use of color by utilizing the Chiaroscuro technique of oil painting that uses strong contrasts between light and dark with shading to represent three dimensional forms. The Visconti Rembrandt Collection draws its inspiration from this technique. The exciting resin finishes now being introduced incorporate black with red, green and orange tones showing the contrast of light and dark shades in brush-like strokes of color that make each pen unique, a true masterpiece in its own right. The metal cap ring has been finely engraved in the best Visconti tradition with ornamental motifs similar to those used by Rembrandt. The fountain pen and rollerball cap close via Visconti*s unique magnetic locking system. The fountain pen is enhanced with an engraved steel nib, in Medium, Fine/Extra Fine, Stub and Broad widths, cartridge/converter fill. The converter is included.

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Dark Forest   finish - Rollerball shown
Rembrandt Master of Arts Collection
Dark Forest
Pen Type: Rollerball
(List: $175.00)  Sale Price: $99.00
Super Special
Twilight  finish - Rollerball shown
Rembrandt Master of Arts Collection
Pen Type: Rollerball
(List: $175.00)  Sale Price: $99.00
Super Special
Eclipse  finish - Rollerball shown
Rembrandt Master of Arts Collection
Pen Type: Rollerball
(List: $175.00)  Sale Price: $99.00
Super Special

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