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Custom 912

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The Custom 912 Fountain Pen offers elegant classic styling and a superior, customized writing experience featuring an array of 14-karat gold rhodium-plated nibs to choose from: Extra Fine, Soft Fine, Music, Stub, and Falcon. Each nib offers an unrivaled, yet unique, writing experience. The Extra Fine and Soft Fine nibs offer the smooth writing experience many have come to know and enjoy from Pilot*s fountain pen nibs.

The Music nib features three tines and was originally designed for writing sheet music and calligraphy. The Music nib offers great line-width variation in writing allowing for a broad vertical line and thin horizontal lines. The Stub nib features a blunted, squared-off tip for broad vertical strokes and thin horizontal strokes. The Pilot Falcon FA nib features the ingeniously-crafted *hooded* design allowing for significant flex while writing. No matter the nib you choose, the Custom 912 Fountain Pen elevates the experience of writing to give the ultimate in personalization of expression to all your creative writing endeavors. Cartridge/converter fill; converter is included.

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