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Ikkaku Pan-Long (Coiling Dragon) LE

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In the venerable tapestry of Chinese tradition, the dragon stands as the quintessential emblem of auspicious fortune, simultaneously symbolizing the imperial majesty and the quintessence of power. Thus, the visage of the dragon, as a totemic figure, has since time immemorial been extensively adopted in a myriad of decorative motifs. This newest piece from IKKAKU by Nahvalur depicts the creature in a sinuous embrace, coiling around the pen, its draconic head craning towards the heavens in a gesture of dignified solemnity.

Encircled by flames and precious orbs nestled amongst its scales, the dragon is ensconced in an aura of majesty. Surrounding the golden dragon from below ascend waves and auspicious clouds, with its fore-claws treading the waves and its hind claws parting the clouds, symbolizing a harbinger of propitious fortune and good luck. In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, the work seeks to harness the sacred imagery of the dragon soaring amidst clouds and mist, invoking the wind and summoning the rain, to articulate a hopeful vision and blessings for the auspicious Year of the Dragon. Only 24 pieces were made worldwide of this amazing Limited Edition featuring a 14kt nib available in Fine or Medium point sizes.

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