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Medici Briarwood

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The Medici rulers of Florence were influential patrons of the arts, who fostered a culture of creativity and innovation in the Renaissance period. The Visconti Medici Briarwood collection pays homage to this important dynasty by crafting a collection of luxury pens that embodies the spirit of artistic excellence and elegance that the Medici family represented.
Inspired by the geometry of the Florence Baptistry, the pen's shape was designed following the principles of the golden ratio.
The central ring is just one example of the enhancements made to this historical collection, which is a part of Visconti's heritage. The loading system now features a capacious power-filler double reservoir and the clip, which was previously laser-engraved, has been replaced with a new enameled version.
The pen is made of Acrosilk, an innovative material first introduced by Visconti, which consists of a compound of acrylic resin and silk fibers. For a more contemporary look, this special acrylic blend has been sandblasted to achieve a fine satin finish giving the look of finished wood grain.
The pen comes in two elegant versions. Both feature briarwood-colored resin, but differ in their metallic trims that are either ruthenium or yellow gold plated.
The Medici Briarwood fountain pen features Visconti's 18kt gold in-house nib with yellow gold or ruthenium plating, available in EF, F, M, B, and Stub widths. The collection is also available in fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint.
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