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S.T. Dupont Limited Editions
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S.T. Dupont Limited Editions
Defi Millennium Collection
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S.T. Dupont
Defi Millennium Collection

Price Range: $236.00 to $316.00

Sleek and sporty, the new Defi Millennium is inspired by contemporary sports cars and athletic wear in five bold lacquer finishes.

Line D Gold Dust Collection
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S.T. Dupont
Line D Gold Dust Collection

Price Range: $875.00 to $1,035.00

S.T. Dupont is delighted to announce the launch of a spectacular new writing instrument, the Line D Gold Dust, a USA exclusive edition.

Line D Burst Collection
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S.T. Dupont
Line D Burst Collection

Price: $595.00

Up to nine layers of natural lacquer are hand applied to obtain a pearl-like shimmer and a luxurious finish that is resistant to shocks, scratches and even fire.

Line D Collection
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S.T. Dupont
Line D Collection

Price Range: $460.00 to $680.00

The celebrated re-designed Line D collection brings classic and contemporary design together to recreate classic iconic designs in natural lacquer.

Line D Diamond Guilloche Collection
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S.T. Dupont
Line D Diamond Guilloche Collection

Price Range: $695.00 to $795.00

The 'Diamond Guilloche' collection features the namesake technique that is French for "engine turning." The diamond design is created by an engine turning process that engraves very precise, intricate, geometric patterns into an underlying material.

D-Initial Collection
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S.T. Dupont
D-Initial Collection

Price: $159.00

The S.T. Dupont D-Initial collection represents the best value you will ever find in a hand-made fine writing instrument.


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