Our History

FOUNTAIN PEN HOSPITAL was founded in 1946 by Phil Wiederlight and Al Wiederlight (the father and grandfather, respectively, of today's proprietors – Terry and Steve Wiederlight). Terry and Steve have a combined 60 years experience in all phases of vintage and modern writing instruments. Joining them in January of 1997 as Director of Operations, was Ed Fingerman who brought an additional 20+ years experience in fine writing instruments to the firm. Ed is a former President of Pen Collectors of America, a regular contributor to The Pennant, and has contributed to Pen World and numerous vintage pen books.

Fountain Pen Hospital's knowledgeable sales staff is headed by Marvin Kujawski, Joe Dossantos, and Jimmy Hutchinson. Combined they represent over 50 years of experience in the sale of fine writing instruments.
Fountain Pen Hospital's unique position in the pen industry together with its staff's widespread knowledge enables it to immediately respond to questions concerning pens as diverse as an 1898 Waterman filigree or a modern Limited Edition pen offered exclusively in Italy.