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51 Premium

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Building on the success of the initial launch with modern take on four heritage finishes. Parker 51 Premium w/Engraved Cap. The Parker 51 Premium is a re-imagining of the iconic classic first introduced in 1941. The original took the world by storm and this modern take is equally as stunning. The barrel crafted from precious resin has a glossy finish in four colors - Rage Red, Black, Turquoise and Forest Green. Each color was carefully selected from the heritage range to appeal to modern tastes.

The gold and polished stainless-steel cap is a stunning example of Parker craftsmanship, beautifully engraved with contemporary patterns inspired by modern architecture and finished with the iconic Parker arrow clip. In fountain pen with the unique Parker 51 inlaid steel nib and twist ball pen. Cartridge/converter fill.

Like the original, the Parker 51 barrel is made of a glossy resin and the hooded nib, like the original has been maintained. The Premium Parker 51 has a screw cap fitting which improves the sealing around the nib, preventing the nib from going dry. Converter not included.

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