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Antichi Materiali

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The Ancient Materials limited edition fountain pen is made of beautiful celluloid colors and features a Quill 14kt gold 585 hyperflex nib.
Celluloid, is a magic word for any pen collector, which brings to mind not only the golden age of writing instruments but also the transition spanning from the 1990s to the present day.
Celluloid and its family exhibit exceptional qualities, such as unparalleled durability, as exemplified by historic advertisements from the twenties, showcasing pens being thrown from planes or into the Grand Canyon to highlight this virtually unbreakable attribute. Moreover, the richness and diversity of colors offered by celluloid remain unmatched by any other material.
Originally employed to imitate natural materials like tortoise shell or ivory, celluloid designers have unleashed their creativity, producing thousands of diverse effects, limited only by their imagination.
Limited Edition 288 pens per color fountain pen or roller.

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