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ASC - Studio

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When we created the Armando Simoni Club back in 2016, it was born from a single idea - to offer fountain pen lovers what they really longed for in a pen: beautiful celluloid material, excellent craftsmanship, unmistakable quality and engineering. We believe we have achieved this, judging from our worldwide success the past several years, but something was missing. Some of our fans felt left out. That is no longer the case with the new ASC Studio Line.

After years of careful planning, we are making our Pen Family more inclusive by opening our arms to more pen lovers who appreciate the quality and beauty of Armando Simoni Club pens. Fitted with a #6 steel nib made in Germany in the choices of F, M, and B, the ASC Studio Line fountain pen is made from top quality Italian resin. It features our well-known ink-view window, trusted brass piston filling mechanism and is available in rhodium or gold trim. These pens are presented to you in a colorful, modern box designed by the award winning designer Tim Smith.

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