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Dialog 3

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The Lamy Dialog 3 is a revolutionary capless fountain pen with a retractable nib and clip. Thanks to a fascinating twist mechanism, the nib slides elegantly out of the barrel while the clip simultaneously retracts into the pen body. Twist again and the nib retracts back inside the barrel as a precise ball valve automatically closes to protect the nib from dirt and dryness û and the clip rises to slip into your pocket. With its unique function and classic minimalist design, the Lamy Dialog 3 is a special writing instrument in every way.

The sleek, unadorned fountain pen is the creation of famed Swiss designer, Franco Clivio, who learned his craft at the legendary School of Design in Ulm. As always, Lamy has used technical innovations and superb design to create an exceptional pen with great writing comfort, unconventional looks and aesthetic appeal. Cartridge/converter fill. The fountain pen is enhanced with a 14kt gold nib, available in M, F, B and XF widths.

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