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Estie Ball Pen

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Esterbrook spent many months developing it with exacting detail and beautiful materials. The result exceeded their expectations, and it seems that you too, have fallen in love with it. Because of the enthusiasm for the Estie, many iterations of this now beloved fountain pen are in the works. While you will have to wait to see what they have up our sleeves on that front, we are very excited to launch the newest model of the Esterbrook Estie, the Estie Ballpoint. All of the same attention to detail and special materials have been used in the creation of the Estie Ballpoint.

Available in either gold or rhodium trim, the Estie Ballpoint will first be made available in fan favorites: Honeycomb, Tortoise, Black and Cobalt and we look forward to the Estie Ballpoint in Limited Edition finishes in the future. The ballpoint pen is a true classic and it is Esterbrook's hope that your passion for the Estie will make the Estie Ballpoint one as well.

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