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Estie Sea Glass

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ESTIE SEA GLASS. "The sea once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." -Jacques Cousteau. Timeless takes time. And so it is with the coveted coastal treasures that wash ashore during low tides all over the world, known as sea glass. Shaped over many sunrises and sunsets, these bits of colored glass drift for as many as two hundred years, weathering storms in the salt water, tossing and turning. Mother Nature's own polishing that gives them their characteristically smooth, frosted texture. The shores along the Northeastern USA beaches can be found teeming with these heirlooms and artifacts of whiskey and spirits, trinkets, medicine bottles, dinnerware, jam jars, old taillights and if fortune finds you, a piece of an antique ink bottle.

First used decoratively at the turn of the last century, beachcombers seek out these little gems giving credence to the statement that one man's trash is another man's treasure. A bounty of colors ranging from amber to green, black to pale pink to the rarest turquoise blue, making sea glass a highly collectible commodity. To celebrate the nearby shores of Esterbrook's birthplace, we present the Sea Glass as the newest Estie in their Core Range, as a permanent part of the Estie lineup. The collection is offered in both gold and palladium-plated finishes. The material is blended and turned acrylic with a Sea Glass mix of colors and a highly-polished finish. The fountain pen is available in a complete range of points for the way you write.

We offer a variety of standard steel nib sizes: extra fine, fine, medium, broad and 1.1 stub. We also offer two proprietary nibs as a part of Esterbrook's custom nib program: The 'Journaler' ground by nibmeister Gena Salorino, and the 'Scribe' by nibmeister Josh Lax. The Estie is also available with an engineered MV Nib Adaptor (sold separately) which delivers a vintage nib experience housed in the modern Estie. All vintage Esterbrook nib units are compatible with this adaptor. The fountain pens are filled by a cartridge or the included converter.

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