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Guilloche Black Edition

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The writing instruments in the Guilloche series are made to accompany us through everyday life in style and to help us rediscover the charm of our own handwriting. Both visually and in terms of functionality, the Classic models are true highlights: With their slender shape, they fit perfectly in the hand, and sophisticated mechanisms such as the spring-loaded clip ensure that the pleasure of using them is just as timeless as their design.

The Guilloche series owes its name to the grain guilloche, an elaborate engraving that allows the surface relief to change depending on the incidence of light. Now it presents itself in a completely new, noble all-black look: the dark precious resin barrel is framed by black, high- gloss metal parts, which are provided with a particularly resistant PVD coating of titanium and give the writing instruments depth and elegance at the same time. The fountain pen with cartridge converter system offers a sensual writing experience with its hand-inscribed, high-quality 18-carat gold nib with ruthenium coating.

Alternatively, the rollerball pen with a lead that glides excellently over the paper and a precision tip is recommended for avid writers. The rollerball pen can be fitted as well with a fineliner refill with a spring-loaded fibre tip that provides a very soft writing feel and is designed to adapt to the writer over time. The deep black trio is completed by a twist-action ballpoint pen with a large-capacity refill in line width B., which is ideal for quick notes.

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