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Homo Sapiens Bronze Age

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More than 5,000 years ago, with the invention of writing, the pre-history of humankind ceased and the Homo Sapiens marked the dawn of human history. The first great civilizations arose and the development of sciences such as geometry, astronomy and engineering commenced.

Visconti conceived the Homo Sapien writing instruments line for serious writers, for whom a fine writing instrument remains a traveling mate to share the same civilization for which writing helped create. The material comprising this pen is as ancient as the world itself: lava from Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy (Europe's largest active volcano). Visconti has produced a material containing over 50% of pure basaltic lava, catalyzed together with resin in a patented and obviously secret formula.

The material becomes a special lava blend with extraordinary characteristics that practically make it perfectly fit for writing instrument production. The Homo Sapien writing instruments have a feel unlike any other. The fountain pen features Visconti's high vacuum power filler, made of titanium.

The fountain pen is enhanced with Visconti's large, flexible 18kt gold nib, ruthenium plated, available in XF,F, M, B and 1.3mm Stub widths. Lava is virtually unbreakable: It has a high degree of resilience, so it can easily absorb shocks. Flameproof: Visconti Lava has a resistance to over 200 degrees F of heat. Slightly hygroscopic, it allows for absorbing hand moisture during use. Dense at touch, it offers the best possible finger-relaxing grip.

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