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Discover the Sheaffer Icon. This pen goes beyond the ordinary, weaving together Sheaffer's rich history into a contemporary favorite among collectors and ordinary customers alike. Experience smooth writing with thoughtful design details and exceptional functionality. The Sheaffer Icon boasts a generous profile and balanced weight, ensuring enduring comfort during prolonged writing sessions. The most unique and intriguing design feature of the fountain pen is by far its hooded nib, the only one within the Sheaffer catalogue to boast this design.

The Sheaffer Icon has garnered the attention in a diverse range of customers. As you may recall, the Icon has been a popular pen since its release and continues to be one of Sheaffer's most sought-after pens. For those seeking a reintroduction to the elegance, innovation, and craftsmanship synonymous with Sheaffer, the Icon stands as an enduring choice.

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