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The Lamy Imporium series, designed by Mario Bellini, effortlessly unites attitude and style. The characteristic body of straight lines is technically striking, making it completely individual and unique while contrast is provided by the firmly cylindrical screw on cap. The fine ridges on the pen give a striking and streamlined appearance to the pen, while the smooth surface of the cap offers a great contrast to the lines on the body with the excellent clip blending in to the top of the cap and gradually exposing the full shape of itself along the sides of the cap. The finial on the end of the barrel has a coin embedded in it.

This combination of shapes lends the series featuring fountain pen, rollerball, ball pen and mechanical pencil in titanium matte and black matte finishes its classic and timeless appearance. The black matte finish is available with either black or gold elements and the titanium matt has platinum elements. All models are refined and partially galvanized with an especially high-end PVD coating. The fountain pen features a 14kt Bi-color nib, striking in appearance without a hole, in M,F,XF and is cartridge/converter (included) fill.

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