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Line D Eternity

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This elegant collection features the newly updated ';Line D Eternity'; large pen; recently remodeled with a new sword articulated clip, a lacquered Dupont 'D' in the crown of the cap and a perfectly balanced shape for exceptional writing. The engraved pen cap closes with Dupont's iconic 'cling' and features a fluted grip section for a superb writing experience.

The new collection features the ';guilloche'; technique that is French for ';engine turning.'; The design is created by an engine turning process that engraves very precise, intricate, geometric patterns into an underlying material.

For this latest launch, S.T. Dupont selected a richly detailed design reminiscent of a ';dragon scale'; pattern which is then overlaid with bold colored S.T. Dupont lacquer, the result is simply spectacular.

Each fountain pen showcases S.T. Dupont's new 'Angel' nib. Designed in house and made from 14kt gold, the new nib is simply spectacular. Every nib is checked and tested at the Maison's factory to ensure a perfectly smooth writing experience.

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