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Mythos Athena

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This year Visconti celebrates the goddess Athena, who in ancient Greece was associated with wisdom, warfare and handicraft, but who later, since the Italian Renaissance, became an international symbol of wisdom, the arts and classical learning.
This pen is a perfect inspiration for artists and writers who can channel this muse as they enjoy expressing themselves with this beautiful sea blue Mythos, a color which itself symbolizes serenity, inspiration and wisdom.
The body of this pen is made of Arcrylic Resin with Bronze Shading and has Brass with Yellow Gold Vermeil trim in a Satin Finishand is available in a Fountain Pen, Ballpoint Pen or Rollerball.
The Fountain Pen is cartridge/converter fill with a large steel nib with yellow gold vermeil plating available in Fine, Medium and Broad sizes.
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