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Ogiva 222

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The Omas Ogiva 222 Limited Edition is a piston-filling fountain pen handmade in Naples, Italy, and fitted with an 18k gold Omas nib. Each of the limited edition fountain pens is individually marked with the unique serial number engraved on the pen's barrel. The Omas Ogiva 222 Limited Edition fountain pen's piston filler features a separate ink reservoir preventing the ink from being in direct contact with the pen's rare celluloid. Each fountain pen is inspected, and tested with blue ink before delivery. C

ontinuing in the tradition of Italian artisanship, the piston-filling OMAS Ogiva 222 is handmade in Naples, Italy and fitted with 18kt gold OMAS nibs. A separate ink reservoir prevents ink from being directly in contact with the celluloid. Each pen is tested with blue ink (it might be possible that some traces of blue ink remains on the nib and/or feed) and thoroughly inspected before shipping to you.

Only 222 pieces were made of this intrepid limited edition. Each pen is individually numbered with a laser engraving on the barrel. The 222 is significant of February 22, 2022, when the idea of reviving OMAS started in the minds of its new owner.

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