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Professional Gear Storm Over the Ocean

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A distant lightning storm upon the wild ocean would be a brilliant event for any sailor to see. This striking natural phenomenon has been captured in a glimmering deep ocean blue complimented by an electric lilac highlight on both finials in the newest Sailor Professional Gear release: Storm Over the Ocean. The way light plays off of the deep blue color with the softly sparkling metashine is like the brief reflection of lightning on the ocean waves, while the lilac accents bring out the vividness of the sky after a flash. Whether the waters of life are calm or stormy,

Storm Over the Ocean by Sailor is the pen of choice for any brainstorming session or late-night reflection. Slated for a June worldwide release, the Storm Over the Ocean will be available in Slim and Standard versions with seven nib sizes, and King of Pen version in two nib sizes - Medium and Broad. Each model is cartridge/converter fill with the Sailor converter included.

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