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Professional Gear Winter Sky

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As described in the famous Japanese Pillow Book of musings, from over 1000 years ago, *In Winter, the early morning, the snow has fallen and of course it is delightful, but it is perfect too if there*s a pure white frost, or even just when it is very cold*. Having derived its inspiration from The Pillow Book,the Sailor Professional Gear Winter Sky has been revealed!

This special edition pen captures the feel of a fresh winter morning with the gentlest of lilac colors set against frosty, white gold accents and a solid, 21K or 14K gold nib, with rhodium plating. The Winter Sky is available in Slim (14K gold nib) and Standard (21K gold nib) with all 7 nib sizes, and King of Pen (21K gold) in Medium or Broad. Each is cartridge/converter fill with the converter supplied.

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