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Visconti is again inspired by one of the world's greatest painters, Rembrandt Van Rijn. Rembrandt succeeded like nobody else to meld into his works of art the earthly and spiritual aspects of the human being. New shades, new metal trims, new nib: this collection pays tribute not only to Rembrandt, icon of the Dutch Golden Age, but also to one of Visconti's most iconic collections. The four new colors, Orange, Blue, Bordeaux and Black, were often used by the Dutch painter and represent his use of chiaroscuro, the painting technique with strong contrasts of shadow and light.

Just as the artist captured the emotions of his subjects with the chiaroscuro technique, the new metalwork in this collection is finished in ruthenium to accentuate the contrast with the colors of the resin. The ring, in particular, is finely decorated with a new engraving with a modern character. The fountain pen has a new large steel nib, finished in ruthenium and available in size Fine, Medium, Broad. Cartridge/converter fill.

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