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Voyager Mariposa

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Mariposa translates to 'Butterfly' from Spanish. A butterfly's wings come in an amazing assortment of colors and patterns. Aside from being beautiful, they also serve a purpose. They can help butterflies find a mate, blend in with their surroundings, or absorb heat. In toxic species, bright colors warn predators to stay away.
Visconti celebrates the colorful beauty and mystery of the butterfly with the 'Voyager Mariposa.' Two spectacular new resins have been selected for their irresistible display of vibrant, shimmering colors that mimic the colorful display of a butterfly wing: Malachite and Painted Beauty. The Voyager Mariposa is offered in two unique resins: 
  • Malachite with PVD trim
  • Painted Beauty with palladium trim
 Both resins were selected for their color saturation, shimmer, and swirling. The Malachite is marked by a striking green color accented by swirls of pink, white, and black capturing the distinct colors of the Malachite butterfly found throughout Central America, Mexico, Southern Florida, and South Texas. The Painted Beauty emulates the blue and pink colors of its namesake butterfly found throughout the Amazon forests, Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru.
Visconti goes further adding patented innovations that pen enthusiasts have come to admire and appreciate from Visconti: 
  • The iconic 'Ponte Vecchio' bridge clip
  • Hook-Safe Lock closure system
  • The fountain pen features Visconti's high power vacuum filling system and in-house 18kt gold nib
  • Finally, Visconti added a newly detailed ring with a bold 'V' logo design to accentuate the collection.
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